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Eat Drink Create – Denver


A few weeks ago my friends Emily, Lashley, Melissa and I joined Lexy from The Proper Pinwheel and Erin from artsocial for a night of crafts at West Elm. The ladies put on a great night and we met so many great local bloggers.

All of the ladies personalized their lanterns using

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cut tissue paper. We worked away on our paper lanterns and I impressed myself by making a beautiful ombre one. I am excited to find the perfect spot for it, but I haven’t quite found it.

We were also given great bags full of craft supplies that have been sparking my imagination for new projects. Hopefully this means I will update more.


Adventures in Sewing

sewing machine

This Christmas Bryan bought me a sewing machine. It was the most thoughtful present that he has given me. He knew that I have been trying new hobbies, mostly with the intent of improving myself.

I had been waiting a few weeks to begin, thinking of projects, gathering fabric, trying to figure out what I needed. You must know that I have no experience with sewing other than 7th grade home ec, where I made a fabulous dog pillow. So to begin this new era in my life, I am approaching it with complete openness. I decided I would begin with something so basic, covering a few IKEA pillows that I had. Originally I had planned on fabric painting them, but I figured, 4 sides of straight sewing… how hard could it be?

I began by buying cute fabric, watched a 5 minute instructional video, and then went for it! It kinda came out perfect!

diy pillow

I had another one, so I bought some more fabric and went for it. It turned out pretty terrible. I will learn though. At least I am trying something new, and it is one of the top things on my 27 things to do before 28.

So here’s to a new thing to do. I will do my best to

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share my progress!


Bowerbirds DIY Cabin & Studio


A few weeks back, we were visited by the Bowerbirds. They have been one of my favorite bands for a couple of years now, or rather my favorite band. Now that they are taking a good break from touring the country and playing for all of us, they have decided to spend some time in their hand-built cabin and get working on a new album. As a lover of all things DIY, I was so impressed to learn more about their cabin while they were visiting. It’s truly a unique space.

They are looking for some help completing their cabin/recording studio. The space is quite impressive, especially because they built it themselves. There are just a few more projects that need to be done in order to get everything in working order. Completed, it will run on solar power and be built with recycled and nontoxic materials. They will not only live there, but also put in a DIY recording studio area. They are amazing musicians and artists, and deserve to continue to make beautiful music in their hand-crafted home.

Their kickstarter is up and is now

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accepting backers. There are a ton of different “thank you” gifts, and most involving hearing their new music before anyone else.

Learn more about them in their kickstarter video.

I love how they describe the project in their own words…

There is a certain magic that you can only get when working alone, on your own time, but which can sometimes be offset by less fidelity in the recordings, if you don’t have good enough equipment to work with. That’s why we want to be able to work in our own space, with a modest amount of good recording equipment, so we can work when the inspiration strikes, and make final recordings at any step in the process, rather than making detailed demos, and then having to start over to make final recordings. We believe that recording our music in a place we created especially for that purpose, by ourselves, will result in better, more inspired, recordings, for less money and in less time, than it would to make an album in rented space, on rented time.

Please consider supporting their endeavor here. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to them yet, please do at

Fancy Tiger Holiday Handmade

Denver is a great city. I love living here and I especially love attending local events that support good things.

Fancy Tiger is a Denver craft & clothing store that puts on an annual handmade holiday market. This was my third year going, and first year helping out and working there. I help my friend Melissa at her booth for My July. It’s so neat to live in a city that supports local businesses, and local crafters. So many people came out and shopped!

Paul from Mountain versus Plains had a booth and did so many amazing things. T-shirts, bags, fortunes, poems, you name it. There were over 60 booths all with handmade goods including pottery, prints, jewelry, soap, candy, knitwear, screenprinted goods, so so so much!

My July My July My July Mountain versus Plains fancy tiger holiday handmade fancy tiger holiday handmade Make My Notebook
I think my favorite purchase was my new notebook from Make My Notebook. They let you pick your cover, paper, and wire binding on the spot and make you a customized notebook, FAST.

I already can’t wait until next year! Do you have something like this in your city?

DIY Yarn Poms

diy poms

‘Tis the season for crafts. I have been brainstorming and stocking up on some items to craft at home. Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s Christmas, maybe I am just a little bored. Lately when I have a few minutes, I have been creating yarn poms. These can be put on presents, hats, used as ornaments…so many options. I thought I would share a quick tutorial.

You don’t need any tools for this type of pom. Just scissors and yarn!

how to make a yarn pom

1. Wrap yarn around your 4 fingers. You don’t need to count, just begin to wrap.

make a pom

2. When you have a good size ball around your fingers, cut the yarn. Cut another piece of yarn about 10 inches long.

make a pom pom

3. Take the 10 inch yarn piece and wrap it around the middle of your ball. Push the the 10 inch piece through you fingers between your middle and ring finger. I use my scissors to do this since it’s pretty tight. Flip your hand, and tie.

DIY Poms

4. Knot the 10 inch piece a few times, flipping the ball over between each tie to create a tight knot. Spread out the loops so that it make a nice circle.

trim diy poms

5. Cut around the edge. Don’t worry too much about being straight. You will end up with a shaggy ball.

trim diy poms

6. Trim the ball down so that you

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create nice even pom pom and you’re done!


Good luck! These take about 3 minutes to make so I know you can make a ton!