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New Project: The Cubicle

Today was my first day at my new job and the first day in my new little cubicle. I have written in the past about personalizing your office space, and now I will be putting all my tips to the test. Tomorrow I will do my best to take a load of personal items to the office to make it feel more like me. However, there are going to be things that I should buy to add some jazz to the space, right?

These items are on the top of my list. What do you do to personalize your space?

for the cube

  1. Rubber Soul Poster // My favorite Beatles album
  2. IKEA Desk Lamp // To add some nice lighting
  3. Rifle Paper Co Calendar // So cute!
  4. Geodesic Terrarium  // I want to have some life in the cube
  5. Reclaimed Wood Chalkboard // Love all the functionality

Desktop Wallpaper – Bonjour!

Happy Friday!


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I shared a little bit about the online editing tool, Pixlr. Today I am sharing a free downloadable desktop wallpaper for you that I made in the program! It’s simple and takes me off to somewhere I wish I was…on vacation in Paris.

free desktop wallpaper

To save, click anywhere above or download the free desktop wallpaper here.

au revoir!

No Photoshop? No Problem!

Sometimes I find myself needing Photoshop badly, and I don’t have access to my computer. Many times this happens at work when I am trying to explain something visually.

I was reminded the other day of pixlr. I had the app on my iPhone and never put two and two together. I learned about the website

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a while ago (years?), and even used it. I was convinced that there were no free editing tools out there that were layered-based. Then while looking on a forum I saw someone recommending pixlr and BOOM, I remembered.

The interface is similar enough to photoshop, where you can figure out how to use the tools quicky. I am so happy that I found it again. If you need a good online Photoshop substitute, use it!

online photoshop app pixlr

This is not a sponsored post, I am just this excited about online web apps.

Not making excuses

I have so busy lately that I haven’t had any time to post anything. I am frustrated… but that’s life. I feel like my work life goes from being extremely busy to having too much time on my hands. How do we balance? Or do I only care about balance because I am a libra?

Five Ways to Take a Break

Five Ways to Take a Break

Sometimes you just need to take a break from what you are doing in order to make the rest of your day productive. Many of us feel like we need to go, go, go, especially if we have already wasted sometime. I find that in order to make the most of my days, I need to spend a little time on a break every once in a while. Here are 5 ways to take a break during your work day that won’t be time suckers.

1. Get a glass of water
You know you are supposed to drink water! I don’t have to tell you that. Intentionally getting up from your desk and going to the water cooler can be a quick way to hydrate and take a break. Drink a full glass away from you desk and fill up another one to take back. It sounds so simple, but think about how often you do this. Not often, I bet.

2. Stand up and stretch
There a ton of stretches that you can do to awaken your mind. Try some easy yoga poses such as a wide-legged forward bend or any of these yoga poses.  If you work around others and don’t have privacy, just simply stand up and twist. Natural energy.

3. Go outside
Five minutes is not that long, but it is long enough to give you some sort of relief.  Go outside for five minutes and either walk or sit down and write. It will clear your head and get you ready to sit down again at your desk.

4. Organize
When we have busy days, our work space can get crowded and messy. Spend a little time straightening up and organizing. Even straightening up your desk drawers or pens will make a difference.

5. Grab a coffee
Ask others around you if they need anything and head over to a local coffee shop. Everyone will be thankful that you offered and sometimes someone will offer to buy your drink. It’s a quick trip with a purpose that will get you on track with some energy.