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Moonrise Kingdom Mixes

moonrise kingdom

Hopefully you have seen Moonrise Kingdom, the new film from Wes Anderson. I need to go see it again because it is in the running to be my favorite Anderson movie. I fell in love with the music in the film and have been googling and spotifying (new word!) for Moonrise playlists. The original score is also quite amazing.

So happy today to discover’s Moonrise playlists that they created for the different characters in the movie. I have been listening all day while I do some pretty daunting work. I am always in search of music I can work to because I am very particular. The 1960′s tracks add so much to this film, that just listening  to these tracks puts me right back in the theater.

moonrise kingdom music

Go over and take a listen to some of the best 60′s tunes.

Image: [IMP Awards]