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So Thankful

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I feel so blessed just to have some days off. Yesterday was amazing and a record! Everything was cooked and ready to go by 12:30pm. It was the earliest Thanksgiving ever. I made a traditional Thanksgiving dinner (lunch) in the tradition of my Grandma McCabe. Katie joined us and after the meal we watched some football and saw a movie.

It was our 2nd Thanksgiving in our new home and I am looking forward to every year getting better and better.


What was your day like? Do anything special?

New House Numbers

A few months back I purchased a new set of modern house numbers from Home Depot of all places. I removed the old house numbers right away but the new ones stayed in a cabinet for way too long. Pizza delivery people had a fun time guessing out address. Finally this weekend the wait was over and we finally installed them.

Modern Address Numbers Installation

First we placed the template up on the side where the old house numbers lived. We punched holes in the wall according to the template and covered up the old holes with tape.

Modern Home Address Numbers Installation Modern Address Numbers

Then Bryan drilled the holes large enough to hold the screws while I attached the screws to the back of the numbers.

Modern Home Address Numbers

We filled the holes with clear silicon and pushed the numbers in.

How to Install Modern Address Numbers

The project was quick and I am

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so happy with the finished result. Now I just need to paint over the old holes. I wonder how long that will take me…

A Night In

Life is great right now. Summer is a season that is full of things to do. In this busy time, I have learned to love the nights that I spend alone at home because they are so few and far between.

Tonight after I came home work, I was able to walk the dogs, weed the garden, make dinner, and now I am working on some fun project while the Olympics play in the background. It’s pretty refreshing to have so many hours to myself at home. Buster and Lucille have been by my side all night showing me that they are happy I am here.

There’s a reason I moved into this place…I like it!

Being a Good Homeowner: Landscaping the Parkway

This weekend Bryan and I jumped at the opportunity to do some much-needed yard work with the cool weather. Maybe “jumped” is a slight exaggeration.  It was a beautiful 72 degrees on Saturday morning and I knew exactly which DIY project I wanted to check off of the list.

Someone people call it a berm, some call it a boulevard… I am going to call it the parkway. No matter what you call it, it’s the space between the sidewalk and the street. We bought our home a year ago, and the parkway has been full of weeds ever since. It bothered me so much. Every time I drove home it was the first thing I saw.

After three trips to Home Depot, a rain storm, and a broken action hoe, I am pleased to say the project is completed! We chose to put some random plants (all perennials and mostly ground cover) in between brown mulch. Hopefully these bring us many seasons of beauty.

I realize I should have taken a before shot. Oops! Here are some snapshots from the day though.

home depot supplies diy landscaping brown mulch diy landscaping diy landscaping