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Download: Shopping List

This weekend while I was waiting for a new tire I found myself with no internet and a laptop. I turned the boring time into an hour to get organized and ended up creating a quick little shopping list template. Wanted to share with anyone who wanted it.

free shopping list


My Favorite Fonts: Handwritten

handwritten fonts

A few weeks ago I met with some of my favorite bloggers here in Denver and it sparked a new idea for me. I am a lover of searching the internet for free and “good” resources for my blog. I am constantly looking for patterns, actions, vectors and fonts. Now I want to share those with you!

Today I am sharing some of the new handwritten fonts that I have stumbled upon. These work great on top of photos for an extra handwritten touch. Also a great alternative for those who wish that had a writing tablet to use with their photos.

All of these are free to download. Just click the name to visit their website.

handwritten font download

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