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My Favorite Fonts: Handwritten

handwritten fonts

A few weeks ago I met with some of my favorite bloggers here in Denver and it sparked a new idea for me. I am a lover of searching the internet for free and “good” resources for my blog. I am constantly looking for patterns, actions, vectors and fonts. Now I want to share those with you!

Today I am sharing some of the new handwritten fonts that I have stumbled upon. These work great on top of photos for an extra handwritten touch. Also a great alternative for those who wish that had a writing tablet to use with their photos.

All of these are free to download. Just click the name to visit their website.

handwritten font download

DK Pisang //  Soymilk // Never Let Go // More Letters // Gita Script // KB Sketch //  Julius Thyssen

No Photoshop? No Problem!

Sometimes I find myself needing Photoshop badly, and I don’t have access to my computer. Many times this happens at work when I am trying to explain something visually.

I was reminded the other day of pixlr. I had the app on my iPhone and never put two and two together. I learned about the website a while ago (years?), and even used it. I was convinced that there were no free editing tools out there that were layered-based. Then while looking on a forum I saw someone recommending pixlr and BOOM, I remembered.

The interface is similar enough to photoshop, where you can figure out how to use the tools quicky. I am so happy that I found it again. If you need a good online Photoshop substitute, use it!

online photoshop app pixlr

This is not a sponsored post, I am just this excited about online web apps.

A Denver Home Companion – New Design Project

Some weekends I don’t end up doing that much. I begin with huge intentions and then they sort of disappear. This was not one of those weekends.

I successfully accomplished some projects and still was able to spend time with friends. Bryan and I cleaned up the backyard from the first round of fall, had friends over for a movie, went to a birthday party and I finished the new design for A Denver Home Companion. I had been working with Emily on this for a few months and on Saturday night, with wine in hand, we went live.

a denver home companion - redesign

I had a lot of fun on this project. I think it geared me up for my own redesign. To celebrate the new design, Emily is offering a $30 gift certificate to her etsy store, ollie’ vintage. She has so many adorable vintage clothes for little ones. Be sure to comment on her latest post to enter.

If you are interested in Kin redesigning your website, visit us here.


Around the Web – Comic Sans Project

Happy Friday!

Ready for the weekend? Me too. Hate Comic Sans, me too? I know, I know, who doesn’t? It’s probably getting to cliche too even say that. To make up for that, I thought I would post something that caught my attention a few months ago.

Enter Paris-based duo Florian Amoneau and Thomas White of We Are Cephalization with the Comic Sans Project. As they put it “We are the Comic Sans defenders. We fear no fonts and we will make the whole world Comic Sans. Because Helvetica is so 2011.”


walk disney comic sans mtv comic sans levis comic sans playstation comic sans mcdonalds comic sans louis vuitton comic sans star wars comic sans

See more here!