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Window Shop Wednesday: Etsy Clocks

Lately I have been browsing trying to find a good vintage clock for my home. I have been searching all over etsy for the perfect one. I am mostly interested in a vintage school clock. I actually hate the sounds of clocks, but I am hoping having it in the living room won’t annoy me as much as in a bedroom.  I have found some great wall clocks on etsy and wanted to share for window shopping wednesday.

vintage wall clocks


Objectify Red Shade Wall Clock // Braun Wall Clock  // Modern Numbers Clock // Geometric Clock


DIY Starburst Mirror

diy starburst mirror

I have been wanting to create a starburst mirror for sometime and finally got around to creating my own. I wanted to create something simple and rustic. Lately I have been loving a ton of DIY projects on Pinterest that are focused on twigs and branches. Inspired, I set out to craft!

Here are the steps to create your own starburst mirror:

1. Gather Supplies. You will need a high temperate glue gun, tape measure, pruners, 7-10″ mirror, bundle of sticks from any craft store (mine were from Michael’s and were $11)

2. Measure your branches and divide the average by 3. This will be the length of each stick. I tried to keep mine all to a length of around 18.5″.

3. Cut each branch into 3 pieces.

4. Attach something to hang the mirror when it is complete. I bought a pack of this tags for mirrors at Michael’s for $1.25. I did attach two on top of each other so it would be stronger. Draw guiding lines across the back of the mirror to help you glue the sticks in a strategic fashion. I begin by attaching the thickest sticks at the ends of each point and then moved to the right of each of those.

5. Secure each stick with the hot glue gun and let dry for 1 hour.

rustic starburst mirror

6. Place on your wall and use the pruners to even out any branches that look out of place.

diy starburst mirror

All done! This project only took about 45 minutes to put together. I love how the imperfections within the branch lengths add to its character. If I was to attack this project again, I would use wood glue first and then secure with the hot glue. It’s also best to construct on a large flat surface.

Good luck!

Personalizing Your Office Space

No matter where you work you need to be comfortable and feel inspired. I try to keep my office personal and reflect my personality… after all, I am here more than my own bedroom! Here are some tips to personalize your work space. Hopefully, these work for both cubes and private offices.

Tip #1: Put up items that say “me!”

Create a board that you can switch out items quickly and easily. My board has the typical office stuff on it (phone list, project calendars), but it also has personal items that reflect what I like at that moment. The fun things on my board that I move around are photos of friends, this year’s Christmas card and fun map of Denver from January Jones.

Tip #2 – Make friends with your light!

Lighting is key. If you can use natural light, I highly recommend it. If you can’t, brighten up your space with fun lamps and lamp shades. This little gem was only $10 at Target.

Tip # 3 – Buy a great calendar!

Everyone needs one no matter what they look like, you might as well get a good one. I have been in love with the calendars from Cavallini & Co. since I was first married. Their calendars are printed on great stock and look like a piece of art on your wall. I have rotated out birds, ocean creatures, and vintage Italian posters. This year my choice was vintage advertising. This is by far the best one. When the year is done, you can also frame or hang up the prints by just removing the calendar portion.

Tip #4 – Stay organized!

Organization helps give you peace of mind. For me, I need to make sure that what isn’t organized is tucked away. I use this little cabinet to store old jobs and the little cubby holds my gym bag. This  is also what is behind my monitor so I added some non-organization elements that I would like to look at it (picture of friends & a globe).

Tip #5 – Get comfortable!

It’s true that if I am sitting at my desk, my shoes are probably off. I know not everyone can do it. Do what you can to make sure you are comfortable. Make sure to surround yourself with ergonomic items.

What tips do you have to make your work space a little more pleasant?


Little Things I Like at Home

I’ve been attempting to be more creative with my apartment decorations this time around. I was able to pretty much start from scratch, which is both a blessing and a curse.

This is my little art wall with is comprised of some local artist’s prints (should have remembered their names, but I didn’t), thrift store frames, old art I had, and some vintage family photographs. The very top left is a chalkboard I made, but this photo was taken while it was still drying.

I also did a little makeover work on a microwave cart. We needed the extra storage space and so far, it’s really added a lot to the apartment.