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My First Knit Hat

Drum-roll please… I knitted something besides a scarf! This was one of the 27 Things to do Before 28. This is number 21 to be exact. I attempted last weekend to create a beanie and I failed. It did become a cute infinity scarf though, so there’s a little redemption. However, on Wednesday night it finally happened. I have made a basic beanie and it was easier than I thought. What do you think?

easy knit hat DIY knit beanie DIY Knit Hat

I still have not mastered the measuring aspect, but at least it fits on a head. I believe it’s called a simple rolled brim hat. I’m happy with it, but I am excited to try something a bit more challenging.

Here is the pattern I followed. I did a little modification though because I had bulky yarn. I ended up doing about 40 stitches for about 21 rows. After that I decreased my stitches and finished it off with a regular needle because I don’t have a yarn one (must buy).


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