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November 2012 archive

Gap True Love Holiday Campaign

Here’s a little known fact about me… I selected marketing as my major because as a young girl I fell in love with Gap’s advertising. Keep in mind that these were the days with the West Side Story inspired ads, and the singing group of good looking people singing, “Mellow Yellow.” My dream job was to work for Gap in San Fran. Ever since then, I paid close attention to all of their campaigns. I admired any Leibovitz campaign, especially one that I blogged about years ago.

Today, I did a little happy dance at my desk when I read about the new campaign on Adrants. The message of this campaign is, “true love comes in all shades.” The campaign features different interpretations of family, and love. Created by Minneapolis-based Peterson Mills Hooks, the images made me smile and it also showcases a few of my favorites: the cast of The New Normal, Rufus Wainwright, and Michael J. Fox.

I don’t know what it is, but Gap advertising still makes me turn into a little ad geek, and Gap fan girl.

Gap Holiday Campaign Nas Rufus Wainwright Gap The New Normal Gap Aubrey Plaza Gap Michael J Fox Gap

Growing Out Bangs

growing out bangs

I realized that I have had the same basic hair for years. Yes, I have changed it, but overall you can tell it’s about the same (see my 10 years of license photos below). While I am

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still deciding what to do with my hair next, I am running into that annoying problem that we all deal with… growing out your bangs.

I have a widow’s peak, so I can’t do the part down the middle, or some of the adorable braided styles I see on pinterest, so this is my solution, I do a basic 2 piece twist. I need ideas on what else to do. How do you handle this?

10 years of licenses

10 years of the same hair… what should I do next?

Excuse this girly post… it’s been on my mind. I figure the good ol’ internet can help me.

DIY Yarn Poms

diy poms

‘Tis the season for crafts. I have been brainstorming and stocking up on some items to craft at home. Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s Christmas, maybe I am just a little bored. Lately when I have a few minutes, I have been creating yarn poms. These can be put on presents, hats, used as ornaments…so many options. I thought I would share a quick tutorial.

You don’t need any tools for this type of pom. Just scissors and yarn!

how to make a yarn pom

1. Wrap yarn around your 4 fingers. You don’t need to count, just begin to wrap.

make a pom

2. When you have a good size ball around your fingers, cut the yarn. Cut another piece of yarn about 10 inches long.

make a pom pom

3. Take the 10 inch yarn piece and wrap it around the middle of your ball. Push the the 10 inch piece through you fingers between your middle and ring finger. I use my scissors to do this since it’s pretty tight. Flip your hand, and tie.

DIY Poms

4. Knot the 10 inch piece a few times, flipping the ball over between each tie to create a tight knot. Spread out the loops so that it make a nice circle.

trim diy poms

5. Cut around the edge. Don’t worry too much about being straight. You will end up with a shaggy ball.

trim diy poms

6. Trim the ball down so that you

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create nice even pom pom and you’re done!


Good luck! These take about 3 minutes to make so I know you can make a ton!


So Thankful

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I feel so blessed just to have some days off. Yesterday was amazing and a record! Everything was cooked and ready to go by 12:30pm. It was the earliest Thanksgiving ever. I made a traditional Thanksgiving dinner (lunch) in the tradition of my Grandma McCabe. Katie joined us and after the meal we watched some football and saw a movie.

It was our 2nd Thanksgiving in our new home and I am looking forward to every year getting better and better.


What was your day like? Do anything special?

Happy Thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving

It’s a day for Thanksgiving today. While I am a little sad that I am not in California at my Grandma’s house, I am thankful for a lot of things.

I am thankful for…

Hope your holiday is full of yummy delicious food and your own traditions.