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Music I Love-Bowerbirds

This week has been eventful and full of surprises. From late nights to snow, it’s been completely unpredictable.

On Tuesday, some friends and I saw one of our favorite bands, Bowerbirds. They were amazing and blew me away. We invited them to visit the brewery after for a tour and tasting and they all came. I love opportunities to spend time with people who you admire. They were so humble and friendly, and we were excited to share Bryan’s passion with them. If you have not listened to them, please please do yourself a favor and go listen right now.

Phil Moore Bowerbirdsbowerbirds our mutual friend 

During the making of their latest album, they also made this video which really shows a unique view into their lives.

This weekend marks one of my favorite times of year, Halloween. I am pretty excited about my costume this year and actually have the option to dress up twice this weekend. I am going to be one of my teenage heroes, Daria.

While it’s cold here, I am so looking forward to a marvelous weekend.

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  1. Amy
    October 26, 2012 at 4:18 pm (2 years ago)

    I love bowerbirds. I saw them a few years ago and forgot about them.


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