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Pebbles in Denver

I love days when I am able to cross so many thing off of a list. On Saturday, I had a long list to begin with, but in the end, this was the day:

  • Logo work for KIN
  • Foodie Photo Academy
  • Karaoke

I got ready for the day and quickly realized that I channeled Pebbles from The Flintstones with my outfit and hair. Leopard tank with red top pony did the trick.

I met Cate midday to knock out some work for KIN at Happy Coffee. Then I met with Emily of A

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Denver Home Companion and we headed off to the Justice League of Street Food for an event in Foodie Photography. We both ate delicious food and received some notoriety on the Qdoba twitter account. I went to Stick it to Me and ordered the veggie falafel sandwich and paired with it great margarita. Emily went to one my favorites, Denver Biscuit Company and had this amazing chicken biscuit sandwich. (Well, I think it was amazing since I don’t actually eat meat)

After a stop by the Novo Anniversary Party, we ended the night at Armida’s for some Karaoke fun. Bryan and I sang a good classic Peter, Paul & Mary song and loved every minute.

I love DENVER.


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