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July 2012 archive

Simple Hanging Prints

I have discussed my love for Cavallini & Co calendars before. I have been a fan for years and one of the main reasons is that when the year is over you can still display your favorite months as prints on your wall.

I had been saving my 2011 calendar of vintage Italian tourism posters for a while and finally got around to putting a few up in the guest room. My mother is a lover of all things Italian so I knew that is where these needed to go. (Hint hint Mom!)

For months I had been on the lookout for the perfect clipboard to put them all the wall and couldn’t find any that I liked. Then I thought… hangers! IKEA has great little hangers that make displaying these prints quick and easy. I will be happy to change these out when my 2012 calendar is no longer in my office.

Back from Palm Springs

It would be an understatement to say that the weekend was great. I’m a back though, and with no trips coming up, that leaves me to a lot of time to blog and work on projects here at home.

Will post photos soon of the trip. Love my galpals.

Headed to Palm Springs


Oh yes, oh yes… vacation time is here. I am headed to Palm Springs for the weekend with my gal pals. We are renting a super mod classic Palm Springs home and I except the weekend to be full of cocktails, swimming and glam glam glam. I grew up very close to Palm Springs, but as an adult it has taken on a whole new meaning for me. Let’s go ladies!

Stay tuned for a recap (which I am sure will be full of inside jokes)!

Window Shop Wednesday: Etsy Greeting Cards

Who doesn’t love getting a card from someone? We all feel special when we get something in the “real” mail. Today’s Window Shop Wednesday focuses on some of my favorite cards from some very talented designers on Etsy. Thank God for Etsy…it has made our world of handmade goods so much more accessible.

Here are some of my favorites…some are funny, some are pretty, all of them would be nice to send to someone.

1. Greeting Card Assortment by flapperdoodle


2. I’d Rather Grow Old With You by Pink Orchid Press


3.  DANG Dinosaur Birthday Card by MY JULY


4. Letterpress Greeting Card, Smoking Kangaroo by Pistachio Press


5. Minivan Mother’s Day Card – by Paper Plates Press


6. Sensitive Dinosaur Card by Mountain versus Plains


7. Hello There Paper Cut Greeting Card by Ashley Pahl


8. Dear Fork Letterpress Card by Sapling Press

Become a Sponsor

I recently set up a sponsorship program for The Petrichor. A 30-day ad starts at $3. There’s a variety of options since I am using the PassionFruit Ads platform. I have used it as an advertiser and love how easy it is and how it provides analytics. The platform also allows me only to accept ads from blog/stores/sites that I want to support.

If you have any questions, please email me at amandaleavelle (at) I would be happy to chat!

It’s been 1 month since the launch of The Petrichor and I couldn’t be happier with the feedback & response. My traffic is growing everyday, but hey.. at $3, what do you have to lose?